Reduce capital and operating costs
with VMware Server Virtualization

VMware Capacity Planning | VMware Server Virtualization Phoenix AZVMware server utilization and VMware capacity planning solutions by Silverado empower you to break free from the old fashioned computing model that puts one job on each processor and one processor or more on each desktop. With VMware server virtualization solutions, a single processor or server can handle multiple jobs virtually simultaneously – so you can do more work with fewer devices, or support multiple users on a single machine.

How? When they are dedicated to just one task, the processors in most servers spend a lot of time “idle,” a state in which they’re consuming energy and producing heat but doing no productive work. VMware server virtualization recaptures that idle time and allocates it to other tasks, effectively creating two or more “virtual” computers on a single physical device.

With VMware server virtualization solutions from Silverado, you can:

  • Obtain more value from the computers you already have
  • Manage power and energy costs by doing more work without increasing your server count, administrative overhead, and operating expenses
  • Migrate from costly PCs on every desktop to “thin panel” appliances supported by “virtual desktops” running on virtualized servers
  • Use existing Mac computers to access Windows environments running on virtualized servers
  • Eliminate single-points-of-failure on the desktop and increase business continuity capabilities by moving key applications and data to your servers
  • Get better control over software and security, and reduce software licensing costs
  • Migrate software versions easily such as with an upgrade to Exchange or Office 365

VMware server virtualization solutions are now at work in every Fortune 100 company and have increased their processor utilization from 15% with individual desktop computers, to as much as 80% in virtualized servers. VMware estimates these companies save up to $3,000 per year for each workload they virtualize, and increase their ability to deploy new applications to meet emerging business challenges.

VMware Capacity Planning

Just how much your company can save depends on multiple factors. Silverado’s VMware capacity planning services can help you get a handle on the benefits you can expect from VMware server virtualization. With Silverado’s VMware capacity planning solutions, you receive a variety of business analytics that help you decide what to virtualize and how to go about the job.

VMware capacity planning services by Silverado help you:

  • Monitor processor utilization on all your servers
  • See memory, storage, and network loads on each machine
  • Determine strategies for combining jobs to take better advantage of your existing machines
  • Estimate the number of desktop PCs or other machines that you can eliminate through virtualization
  • Examine “what-if” models that let you explore the pros and cons of alternative strategies

Silverado’s VMware capacity planning solutions also include access to VMware’s web-based hosted dashboard application. It lets users employ a web browser to access capacity analysis and planning data, generate custom reports, and work with interactive tools for optimizing their installations. It also can gather data about your individual installation, apply capacity utilization standards and metrics, and support remote management of your virtualized environment.

VMware capacity planning is an indispensable element of any virtualization project. To learn more about how much you could save by virtualizing your environment, learn more about Silverado’s VMware capacity planning and VMware server virtualization solutions.

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