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Growing Cyber-Security Threats
News of cyber attacks are a daily phenomenon, and they cost businesses billions of dollars per year. Security groups continue to identify new threats, such as ransomware, which encrypts your PC and network data then demands a ransom to regain access! The FBI now anticipates that it is no longer IF you will be hit by one of these cyber threats, but WHEN.

Our Layered Security Approach
A good defense is the best offense. Most breaches succeed not because the victims lack security altogether, but because a small hole in their security program was found and exploited. We suggest implementing a layered approach to your security:


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Tucson’s Go-To Security Partner

Our highly trained staff is certified in a wide variety of security and networking technologies, which means Silverado always offers the best technical resources for your business. We are experts in performing security assessments and remediation for HIPAA and PCI compliance auditing. Staying informed on the latest threats and methods of protection against those threats is our top priority!

Contact us today to see how we can improve your cyber security defenses.  To learn more about current cyber threats, download our Cyber Security Guide.