Managed IT ServicesĀ for Servers, Workstations & Network Infrastructure

The more your business relies on its computers, the more you need managed computer services and managed desktop services from a trusted business partner like Silverado.

Managed Computer Services | Managed Desktop Services Phoenix AZFrom your desktops to your server room or data center, and beyond your own walls to your customers and suppliers, your computers and your network are vital to your business success. That’s why you need to ensure they reach their peak potential every hour of every day, with the least possible unscheduled downtime and the greatest available throughput. And that’s why you need an experienced partner like Silverado.

Managed services from Silverado provide comprehensive performance monitoring, proactive maintenance, and responsive break/fix services for organizations of all sizes. Our remote monitoring solutions are able to detect many performance-limiting problems before they impact your business, avoiding disruptions and interruptions, while also reducing your in-house support requirements. We can solve many of these issues remotely, guide your onsite personnel through corrective action, or arrive on your site to apply hands-on fixes when necessary.

Managed desktop services – cover the computers your employees use every day. Services include operating system installation and imaging, application installation, maintenance, and patching, and filtering and removal of viruses and malware. We also can provide around-the-clock help desk services for hardware, operating system, and applications issues and questions.

Managed computer services – from Silverado provide comprehensive support for your overall computing infrastructure. We include monitoring and maintenance of network devices such as routers and switches, backbone systems such as servers and storage, outside services such as voice and data network connections, and business continuity services such as backup and recovery support.

Managed desktop services and managed computer services from Silverado also include end-to-end system design and upgrade management. Silverado’s experts help you assess your company’s technology needs, from the perspective of each individual user as well as the organization as a whole, and ensure they have access to the hardware and software that best meets their needs. For example:

  • Do all employees need their own desktop computer? “Power users” such as engineers, designers, and financial professionals typically utilize most of the computing, storage, and graphical capabilities in their personal computers, but many other workers do not. As part of Silverado’s managed desktop services, our specialists can help you identify potential hardware and software savings that you could achieve by replacing unnecessary desktop PCs with thin client devices that connect users to applications and data on virtualized servers in your data center.
  • Are employees able to access the tools they need, when and where they need them? Through Silverado’s managed computer services, our engineers can help you combine server and storage virtualization, virtual private networking, wireless communications, and other related technologies to ensure employees can work from home, the road, and customer locations, making your workforce more efficient, productive, and contented.

Managed services also can span both the desktop and the network. Silverado’s comprehensive services also include new equipment assistance through, acquisition, receiving, testing, configuration and installation. We also care for your existing infrastructure through warranty support and replacement management, capital equipment tracking, performance reporting. And we augment your in-house technology team with virtual IT teams and Virtual Chief Information Officer support whenever you require it. You choose the level of support you need, with the freedom to add or subtract services as your business technology requirements evolve.

With services from Silverado, you can run a more efficient, more responsive business with lower IT support costs. See how Silverado can help you focus on your business rather than your technology with our managed desktop services and managed computer services.

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